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Top 5 Tourism Marketing Trends in 2017

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With the evolution of new trends in digital marketing it has become difficult for businesses to understand which platform and strategies work best for them. Tourism industries can leverage digital media along with their traditional marketing to increase brand awareness and revenue by 10x.

Industries which do not leverage digital marketing is leaving an incredulous amount of revenue on the table. Here is the list of 5 Tourism Marketing trends in 2017 which will help in growth and creating brand awareness.

1. Video

Do you know that 51% of leisure travellers and 69% of business travellers are watching videos online before visiting the destination. Now imagine how many visitors a destination is losing which does not have any of their video on internet.

If image is worth a thousand words then videos is worth a million. Especially, when it comes to tourism marketing. Tourism industries must leverage the power of videos to maximum extent.

Consumption of videos is more than blog post. Every tourist destination should be consistently put video content on their YouTube Channel and promote them. Optimizing YouTube videos is very important as it is the second largest search engine after google.

2. Social Media

I need not stress how important is social media in today’s world to grow any business.

In the first point I’ve already stressed the importance of video and youtube channel. Sharing short video clips and quality images related to destination consistently on your instagram and facebook can do wonders.

Consistency and quality content is the key for social media. Facebook and Instagram are the top social platforms which tourism industries or destinations should focus on in 2017.

Some tourist destinations don’t allow travellers to take pictures or videos. This will hinder the word of mouth growth and the potential reach on social media channels where people may share them with their friends online.

3. Content Marketing

According to reports, more companies are investing in content marketing in 2017 compared to 2016. The idea of content marketing is to create unique and valuable content which helps your ideal customer to solve his problem.

Produce content which will help your prospect to clear their doubts in their buyer’s journey. Tourist destinations can produce articles/videos which demonstrates the difference between competitors destination and theirs. This is just one such example.

Check out for the keywords people are using in search engines to get more content ideas and try to produce quality content on those topics. One can use Google Keyword Planner to do keyword research, which is a free Digital marketing tool.

Also, check the type of content your competitors are producing to get content ideas and see in which way you can create better content than them.

4. Search Engine Optimization

According to research done by google couple of years ago, more than 68% of tourists research online before they even decide what destination they are going to.

This figure alone gives you what you are missing if you have not yet optimized your content for search engines. In the above point I have mentioned about content marketing.

Producing valuable content is not enough. It doesn’t matter how good your website is and how creative your content is when nobody is reading it. Spend time promoting your website/content and optimize them to get on page one in search results.

5. Digital Advertising

Ads are the quickest way to reach your target audience.

If you have substantial advertising budget, you should create ads on platforms where your target users spend most of their time online.

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are the best social media advertising  platforms to start with if you are promoting tourist destinations. The ability to create custom audience and less CPC makes them the best platforms.

About 90% of Digital Marketing Managers use Google Adwords platform for search and display ads.

With the help of search ads you can show your ad directly to the people who are searching for their requirement on search engines.

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