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Top 10 Mobile App Marketing Strategies in 2017

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Coming with a killer app idea and creating the application is just one side of the story. You also need to create awareness among your target audience about your application and how it solves their problem.

In this noisy world where millions of apps are created every year, it is highly impossible to promote and make profits from your mobile app without implementing any marketing strategies. Following is the list of top 10 mobile app Marketing strategies in no particular order.

1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is all about making influencers promote your app directly or indirectly to their massive audience.

Who is the influencer for your application?

The biggest challenge in influencer marketing is to find the right influencer who is relevant to your application. If your app is a gaming app, then choose a gamer who has tons of followers on YouTube and other online media platforms. If your app is related a to Business, then choose a business tycoon who has a massive audience online.

Influencer Marketing can be costly at times but will give high ROI if you choose the right person to promote the app. The mode of promotion can be writing a blog article on their website, sending out a newsletter about your app to his/her subscribers, or to create a video ad and promoting it to relevant advertising platforms.

Online tools like Group High and kred can help you find the influencers based on your Niche.

2. Create a Website and integrate with blog

Having a website for your mobile application is predominant to have good online presence. Your website will also will provide additional information about your app and organization.

Integrating it with a blog will help you create a content marketing strategy for your app to promote it to wide range of audience. Content marketing will help you in collecting email addresses and drive traffic to your main website where users will get to discover your app. It is imperative to add a clear call-to-action on your home page where it redirects to your app page on appstore.

The biggest challenge here is to produce unique and creative content which is related to your application and will engage the audience

3. Social Media Marketing

social media marketing for mobile app

Having social media presence for your app is very important while promoting your application. If you’re not leveraging social media platforms, then you’re missing out a lot.

Create professional pages on Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms where your target audience spends most of their time.

Keep sharing the content of your blogs, videos, websites, and feature updates through these platforms and keep engaging your audience.

4. App Referral Strategy

If used smartly, App Referral Program can be the number one strategy to promote your app and will help you acquire more users in a very less period.

The objective of app referral program is to provide incentives in the form of cash/gift/discounts to your existing users for every successful referral they make. There are many softwares in the market to help you do referral programs even if you don’t know how to track your referrals or how to create them.

5. App Store Optimization

Where would you often go to search for new apps or games for your mobile? Isn’t it App Store? More than 60% of the apps are discovered through appstore and it is the number one way people discover new apps. App Store Optimization or ASO is also the number one strategy used by many marketers to get more organic app downloads.

Objective of ASO is to increase the visibility of your app to users who are searching for the keywords related to your app in the app store. There are many factors involved in ASO like selecting the right keywords, ratings of your app, and category selection.

6. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is cost effective and gives tremendous results when it comes to app marketing. All you have to do is write a value-added article related to your app and publish in the popular blog where most of your ideal users spend most of their time.

Ensure that you have provided a link to the app in the blog post. This will also help you in acquiring links and increase traffic to your app download page.

7. Facebook Ads

More than 70% of advertisers rely on Facebook when it comes to mobile app advertising because of its humongous number of users. Facebook has more options for creating target audience and does it better than any other online advertising platform. Advertising on Facebook to your target audience is very effective strategy.

Creating CPI(Cost Per install) campaigns on facebook is not very difficult. If you’re not experienced in creating facebook campaigns before then you can always hire a freelancer who can do the job.

8. Instagram Ads

An average user spends more than 15 minutes on Instagram every day. Being a mobile-first platform and Given its young user base, it has huge potential to promote your app if you’re targeting young people. It is the 2nd most widely used platform for mobile app advertising among app marketers after facebook ads.

Instagram uses facebook’s extensive tools to create target audience and it comes with various modes of ad delivering options like image and video ads.

9. Google Ad Campaigns

Universal App campaign is the campaign you can choose in google Adwords platform. It allows you to promote your app across Play Store, YouTube, Google Search, and google’s in-app advertising network

By creating a creative Call-to-action video, you can promote your app using youtube Ad network using Google’s Universal App Campaigns

You can select the CPI bid according to your budget and google optimizes it for the right audience based on your bid.

10. Video Marketing

Investing in creating a good promo video will never go waste. Video Marketing is the future and it is 1000 times more powerful than an Image. Creating a promo video will help users easily understand about your application and it’s uniqueness.

Create additional videos along with a promo video which can be used in different platforms like Facebook video Ads, YouTube Video Ads, amazon app store, play store, or for other specialized ad networks.

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